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A.M. Sands
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***Announcement: What Makes Me White? Part Two is now available. See News***

What makes me white?
Is my mottled and varied skin like a flag
that signals which side I’m on?
And which side is that?

So begins What Makes Me White?, a startling new film
about the role of race in the daily lives of white people.
Designed as a gentle tool for the classroom, boardroom, and church
basement, the film avoids blame, guilt, or "political correctnesss."
Instead, it inspires white people to honest reflection about the invisible
influence of whiteness on their personalities and their life choices.

This brave film gets personal in tackling the brutalities, silences,
and sadnesses that attend becoming white. In doing so, it also
takes us to the structures of inequality that make people live
with the inhumanities of whiteness. What Makes Me White?
is terrific, a knockout.

David Roediger
University of Illinois
Author, The Wages of Whiteness

The series of short DVDs takes a uniquely inquiring, often poetic approach
to an often difficult subject. Starting with her own story of a childhood
in the suburbs, Emmy Award-winning filmmaker A.M. Sands gradually
weaves in the stories of other white people. People of color frame
these stories with eye-opening observations, some of them funny,
some of them sharp-edged. Together, these narratives create a
portrait of whiteness as a learned social identity, one that is vividly
experienced by people of color, but largely unnoticed by whites.