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Reviews for What Makes Me White?

Speaking as a teacher, I see this film as the perfect lead-in to a 30 minute discussion, whether in class or workplace, boardroom or library, on how the combination of white privilege and wealth—unless seen and acted on reflectively—works against human wholeness.
Peggy McIntosh, Wellesley College
Author, White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack

What Makes Me White? opens with the everyday assumption of skin color as race. Then this beautiful film moves quickly to the equally everyday shocks and silences of whiteness. What Makes Me White? challenges us to ask the questions and break the silences.
Nell Irvin Painter, Princeton University
Author, The History of White People

What Makes Me White?...moves beyond skin color and into the myriad of ways in which white privilege is constructed through the absence of words, denial of behaviors, and lack of conversation about the nature of whiteness. Powerful personal memories...give the film an almost heart-breaking quality, and we see how intricately fear and the recognition of "otherness" mingle with silence in a child's experience...The film makes a tremendous contribution to contemporary research into whiteness, not so much for definitively answering the difficult questions it poses, but because it opens an important and timely conversation in an accessible way...What Makes Me White? is ideal for any undergraduate course...that touches on the broad topics of race, stratification, or identity.
Teaching Sociology
A Quarterly Publication
of the American Sociological Association